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September 19 (Mon)
9.00 9.30Registration
10.00 12.40Session 1.
General Trends in Nuclear Medicine
Chairmen: B.Grinev
10.15M.Pilipenko, L.Vasilyev (Ukraine)Current State of Nuclear Medicine in Ukraine
10.45P.Lecoq (Switzerland)Management of multidisciplinary translational research: the example of CERIMED
11.15Coffee break
11.40W.Moses (USA)Scintillator Requirements for Nuclear Medicine Imaging
12.10C.Hoefnagel (The Netherlands)SPECT/CT enhancing the quality of Sentinel Lymph Node and Tumor Imaging
12.40 14.00Lunch
14.00 17.00Session 2.
Instrumentation for Nuclear Medicine
Chairmen: A.Dyomin, C.Hoefnagel
14.00V.Pedash (Ukraine)Nuclear medicine instrumentation - current state and actual problems
14.30B.TsuiFour-Dimensional Image Reconstruction Methods and their Applications in Emission Computer Tomography
15.00O.Paskevich, L.Vasilev, Ya.Vikman, G.Tkachenko (Ukraine)Experience of OFECT-1 and OFECT-2 Gamma Cameras Using in the Institute for Medical Radiology
15.15Coffee break
15.40O.Opolonin, A.Dyomin, V.Pedash, V.Ryzhikov (Ukraine)Capabilities of dual-energy x-ray imaging in medicine
16.00V.Gayshan (USA), A.Dyomin, V.Pedash (Ukraine)Smallsize high-resolution SPECT cameras for nuclear medicine
16.15A.Boyarintsev (Ukraine)Technological platform for development of uniform detectors for SPET
16.30A.Ivanov, V.Pedash, V.Kolbasin, A.Dyomin (Ukraine)Modular data acquisition system for SPECT devices
17.00 18.00Poster session / Exhibition tour / Industrial tour
September 20 (Tue)
9.00 10.20Session 3.
Radioisotope and radiopharmaceutical production for medical purposes
Chairman: I.Bodnar
9.00Yu.Petrusenko, A.Dovbnya (Ukraine)Medical radionuclide production at the National Science Center - Kharkov Institute of Physics and Technology: present and future status
9.20I.Neklyudov, I.Karnaukhov, A.Vodin, B.Borz, A.Zelinsky (Ukraine), Y.Gohar, I.Bolshinsky (USA)Prospects for production of medical isotopes on the Neutron source facility in NSC KIPT
9.40L.Almakaeva (Ukraine)The development and standardization of domestic reagents for the modern radiopharmaceuticals
10.00R.Lindley, I.Bodnar (USA)Overview of Applicable Key Security and Regulatory Areas
10.20Coffee break
10.50 12.40Session 4.
Scintillators for Medical Applications
(in conjunction with FP7 Success)
Chairman: W.Moses
10.50A.Vasilev (Russia)Migration and recombination of electronic excitations in scintillators of complex compound
11.20K.Lebbou (France), O.Sidletsky (Ukraine)Bulk and shaped crystals of oxide scintillators - the scope and opportunities
11.50E.Bourret-Courchesne (USA)Crystal growth of ternary halides scintillators
12.20A.Gektin (Ukraine), A.Belsky (France), N.Shiran (Ukraine)Functional and structure limits of commercial alkali halide scintillators
12.40 14.00Lunch
14.00 15.45Exhibition / Industrial Tour
15.45Coffee break
16.15 17.30Round Table
New detection materials; possibility of laboratory - industry transfer
(in conjunction with FP7 Success)
Chairman: A.Gektin
September 21 (Wed)
9.00 12.15Session 5.
Bio luminescent markers for diagnostics
Chairmen: M.Lewis, S.Yefimova
9.00M.Lewis (USA)Cerenkov Luminescence Imaging - A Potential Alternative to Preclinical PET and SPECT
9.30B.Miller (USA)High-Resolution gamma-ray and SPECT imaging with columnar scintillators and CCD/CMOS sensors
10.00A.Sorokin (Ukranie)Luminescent organic nanoclusters (J-aggregates) and their applications
10.20Coffee break
10.50S.Yefimova (Ukranie)Fluorophore - labelling of nano-scale carriers for targeted delivery of active compounds inside living cells
11.05M.Malyukina (Ukranie)Fluorescence technique as a tool to study transmembrane potential changes in living cells
11.20V.Seminko (Ukraine)Luminescence properties control in doped nanocrystals for medical applications
12.00 14.00Lunch
14.00 18.00Practicum: Medical Imaging and Nuclear Medicine (Main Conference Hall)
14.00 16.00FP7 Success Workshop (To be adjusted)
14.00 16.00Kharkov City Tour



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