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Session 1. General trends in nuclear medicine

  1. Pilipenko M.I. (Ukraine) Current State of Nuclear Medicine in Ukraine
  2. Lecoq P. (Switzerland) Management of multidisciplinary translational research: the example of CERIMED
  3. Moses W.W. (USA) Scintillator Requirements for Nuclear Medicine Imaging
  4. Hoefnagel C.A. (Netherlands) SPECT/CT enhancing the quality of Sentinel Lymph Node and Tumor Imaging


Session 2. Instrumentation for nuclear medicine

  1. Vikman Ya.E. (Ukraine) Medical Visualization through the Physicians Eyes
  2. Pedash V.Yu. (Ukraine) Nuclear medicine instrumentation - current state and actual problems
  3. Paskevich O.I. (Ukraine) Experience of OFECT-1 and OFECT-2 Gamma Cameras Using in the Institute for Medical Radiology


Session 3. Radioisotope and radiopharmaceutical production for medical purposes

  1. Petrusenko Yu.T. (Ukraine) TBD
  2. Shevel V.N. (Ukraine) Organization of production of radionuclides for medical applications at the Institute for Nuclear Research (Kiev)
  3. Almakaeva L.G. (Ukraine) National Pharmaceutical Scientific Center Possibilities in Radiopharmaceutical Production


Session 4. Scintillators for medical applications

  1. Bizarri G. (USA) Scintillation of recently discovered halide compounds
  2. Lebbou K. (France), Sidletsky O.C. (Ukraine) Bulk and shaped crystals of oxide scintillators - the scope and opportunities
  3. Vasilev (Russia) A. N. Migration and recombination of electronic excitations in scintillators of complex compound
  4. Bourret-Courchesne E (USA) Crystal growth of ternary halides scintillators


Session 5. Bio luminescent markers for diagnostics

  1. A.N. Goltsev (Ukraine) Application of supravital inorganic particleorganic molecule complex for visualization, targeting, and inactivation of stem cells
  2. V.F. Chekhun, N.Yu. Lukianova (Ukraine) Luminescent nanomaterials in oncology
  3. N.Ya. Spivak, N.M. Zholobak (Ukraine) Composite nanobiomaterials in biology
  4. V.N. Yashchuk (Ukraine) Influence of surface-active stabilizers on porphyrin-gold nanoparticle absorption and fluorescence




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